Putin’s harassing protestors against him is dishonest attempt?

Demonstration against Putin's rigging in Presidential election

March 14, 2012 – MIL/GBA/IR Summary-GBA- Sasi Kala, Member of the Governing Body GBA-
Sasi Kala interviews Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, on the issue of Vladimir Putin whether his attitude to compress the protestors against the agitation against his rigging in his recent Presidential Election is justified?

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, is the Lead Man of God Believers Association (GBA), an NGO that promotes international Justice, Human Rights, World Peace and Creates awareness against Global Climatic Disorders and excessive Nuclear Stockpiles.

Dr. Raj Baldev is also known as ‘Swamy Ji’ being the Founder of Universal Modern Religion titled FAITH” (Vishwas) and that unites all world religions on the issue of one Supreme Power working behind the whole Universe.

Dr. Raj Baldev, The Founder “FAITH” said, “the world is changing, Russia is not an exception, people have become more cautious and better informed; they have now started realizing their rights in most part of the world including Russia. In short, Russia is also advancing towards some individual freedom as in a democratic country.

“The people in Russia is not exception, they now realize the value of justice, an honorable existence and those who have more awareness even dare to challenge the injustice and thata’s what happened in Russia.

“The world expected better treatment from Vladimir Putin for the quality- life of Russians, particularly their fundamental rights and fairness in elections, despite a serious allegation of rigging on his part. But disappointedly his new attitude of crushing the movement of protestors, who have challenged the rigging of his election, is not appreciated.

“The people always believed that Mr. Putin had a fairly good chance to win the President election even without rigging, still a big foul game took place which is an unfortunate affair on the part of Mr. Putin, and whatever might be the reasons.

“The disappointing aspect is that police had summoned Alexei Navalny and his colleagues on their anti-corruption blog for questioning their actions.

“Navalny is a magnetic lawyer who runs a popular website exposing corruption schemes called Rospil, he is one of the figureheads of the protest movement and has called Putin’s victory in this month’s presidential polls unlawful and illegal.

“It is learnt that Navalny had posted on his blog a scan of a letter summoning him on Thursday to Moscow city police headquarters whereas he was asked to give an explanation to an officer. Four scanned letters summoning his staff which they received were also believed to be displayed there.

“He wrote on his blog that the stamp on the letter shows that was a particular police department that carries investigations on extremists.

“He said that police had refused to disclose their lawyer why they were summoned?

“As per the background, Navalny had spent 15 days in police cells for trying to lead an unsanctioned march in December last year in a big protest staged against fraud-tainted parliamentary polls.”

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About Dr. Raj Baldev

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, Ph.D., D. Litt., D Sc. (H.C), Editor-in-Chief of International Reporter, Chairman Media International Ltd., Born on 15 January 1927 in Montgomery, now in Pakistan. Internationally known, man of letters with over dozen of books and thousands of articles to his credit on various subjects including theories on the Creation of the Universe, the Black Holes, Supernovas and other functions of the Universe, Nature and Life , which he described both ways, philosophically and scientifically. He further elaborated how the entire Cosmos were formed. He holds spiritual wisdom of predicting and curing powers of the human problems, so much so, he is popularly known as Destiny Repairer, hence people call him with respect as Swamy Ji. He got the privilege of leading various Parliamentary Delegations abroad on good will missions; he also got the privilege of being invited by differnt Heads of State on state visits. He is the Founder of God Believers (GBA) who place belief in “FAITH”, Universal Modern Religion. FAITH is not a religion but a human service, an encyclopedia of creating healthy balance between Science and God. The main purpose of this mission is to defend the Identity of God from Scientists on one hand and to help fight Global Environmental Abuses, to create awareness of high risks of Excessive Nuclear Stockpiles, global service to the Human Rights and Justice on the other. He is a very simple man, he commands special respect as a holy man with high spiritualism and people address him as His Holiness. He is equally dedicated to the cause of media and journalism where he has been serving the people through his writing for over 50 years; he has also served as Member of Press Council of India. His main aim is to serve the humanity and all kinds of life on the Earth, to serve the elders, women and children, the blind, crippled, lepers and the needy, he is committed to save the Mother Earth from the abuses caused by humans and the nature through the social mission of God Believers (GBA), which also serves the World Peace. In short, he is a global social reformer. Google