Teaching of Lord Mahavir encourages World Peace?

New Delhi, India: January 27, 2011 – IR Summary/GBA -Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist and Lead Man of God Believers Association (GBA), while addressing the people of Jain religion and other Hindus, who pay respect to Lord Mahavir, said here today that the teachings of Lord Mahavir, are even applicable today and inspire the world leaders to respect world peace and  time demands it urgently and consistently.

Dr. Raj Baldev, GBA President said, “I shall now brief about Jainism and their spiritual Incarnation ‘Lord Mahavir’, which means ‘Great Hero” in different lanauges including Sanskrit & Tamil.

Lor Mahavir was born  to  King Siddartha and Queen Trishala at Kundalagrama (District Vaishali, Bihar), located nearing Besadha Patti, around 27 miles from Patna, Bihar, India, on 12 April as per Gregorian Calendar and 13th day of Chaitra, which date is treated extremely pious among the Hindus as per their Mahurata System, and particularly the followers of Jain religion, and they celebrate this day as ‘Mahavir Jayanti’ throughout the world. It is to state that Hindus also place equal faith in this celebration, and this occasion is observed as a Gazetted Holiday in India.

He said, “While Lord Mahavir was in his mother’s womb, Queen Trishala got 14 different auspicious dreams before giving him the birth, and during his dreams, she got a divine vision that she was going to deliver birth to a great soul.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, continued, “While he was in the womb, he had also given a tremendous luck with the spread of great opulence, riches, peace, prosperity and wealth not only to his parents but also to the entire kingdom. The subjects of the kingdom felt a high sense of heavenism and fulfilment of their dreams of peace and tranquility, which was missing in their life, before the conception of Queen Trishala, Mahavir’s mother. 

During the period of her pregnancey, the nature also showered its blessings upon Queen Trishala and King Siddartha. Apart from the King and the Queen, the Nature brought the best results on all counts and productions for the whole kingdom and the subjects. It made so much impact on the minds of the people that immediately after his birth, they started calling Lord Mahavir as “Indian Sage Vardhaman”descended on the Earth.

“As per the Jain traditions, after the birth of Lord Mahavir, Indra, the Chief of Demi Gods, first took him to the heaven and got him the bath in celestial milk with proper rituals and then returned the child to his mother on the earth, though it looks to be unusual, it happens in respect of all prophets when they take birth on the Earth. 

Dr. Raj Baldev,GBA Lead Man said, “Lord Mahavir, the last Tirthankara, was one of the most popular Indian Sages, who became the central soul of Jainism, between 599-527 BCE. 

As per Jainism, when Lord Mahavir attained the age of 24, his spiritualim touched the peak. His personality was given different names with distinguished qualities such as Vira or Viraprabhu, Ativira, and Gnatputra. In the Buddhist Pali Canon too, he is referred to as Nigantha Nātaputta.     

“Though he was a prince, he showed different directions of virtues in his personality that too with strong determination; the early age of Lord Mahavir gave an inference of a great personality hidden in him. He loved meditation and wanted to spend most of his time in his super consious state of half sleep. He was a great believer of Jainism with higher spiritualism in his veins and thus he, most of the time, kept aloof from the worldly attractions and traveled naked to preach the ideology of Jainism of controlling the senses.

“The Jain community all over the world treats Lord Mahavir as God or look upon as Arihants or Jinas. he was the 24TH and the  last Tirthankara of this religion, who died at the age of 72.  As per Jain belief, their all Tirthankaras were born as human beings but attained the highest state of spirituality through super conscious state or higher meditation.  

“The Jainism is famous for their principles: they hold nine cardinal principles. As per their theory, the Universe is divided into living (soul) and non living (material). They believe that a soul goes on taking re-birth depending on the nature of its Karma, or it is liberated through self discipline of pure mind attained by a person through his perfect meditation or allied practices. Though the number of souls is unlimited, each soul is a separate entity affected by one’s karma and purity and this is one of the main themes of Jainism.

The soul, as per Jain belief, has a potency of awareness, power and bliss whereas the material is made up of eternal atoms in time and space and can be moved in any desired direction and can also be stopped at any stage. 

“Other seven principles explain the functioning of karma on one hand and the liberation of soul on the other.  They believe the soul is fascinated and influenced by sense – objects and they believe in the theory of sins and virtues by which the karmas either benefit or cause the bondage.

“Jainism further believes that each soul is responsible for itself and its own destiny since it is independent. The soul can have any number of births in different categories of any class, low or high, even in the group of Demi Gods or Goddesses; they have either to suffer or enjoy as per their actions.  

When one gets liberation through meditation or good deeds or self acquired discipline of highest purity, it becomes its last departure of the soul from the body; its worldly existence is then extinguished for ever, giving him the raise to enter the highest heaven.

“In short, Jainism is an ethical religion with five vows of  Non-Violence, Truthfulness, Non-Stealing, Chastity and Non-Possession,” Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist said.

Dr. Raj Baldev, continued: “Lord Mahavir taught 73 methods of doing goodness like self discipline and service to all fellow beings to obtain the final liberation.  He traveled all over India, particularly North India and then to other part of the country. His life was full of spiritual miracles attracting the people wherever he traveled and preached. His image is considered equivalent to God by the Jain religion and the Hindus also pay proper respect to this status, they say he was the real Incarnation of God, to teach non violence and the high quality of mercy and love for all species, and eventually the world peace.”

In short, Lord Mahavir is revered to the level of worship both by Jain religion and the Hindus at large.

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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

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