Newton was divinely led to grasp gravity under Illumination Theory?

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist (Extracts from his upcoming book)

November 21, 2010 – Isaac Newton is remembered today as a great genius scientist, who discovered the law of gravity, apart from various discoveries about light, physics, mathematics among others and that practically changed the face of the world but how it happened and who was behind to inspire him?

God blessed Newton to be born on the auspicious Christmas Day in 1642 outside the English town of Woolsthorpe. Unfortunately, his father died before his birth and there was no one else as active earning member in the family to look after, so his mother had to lead a hard life to give him the life support.

There were less chances of his survival due to harsh winter when he was born but God’s grace showered upon him, he grew into a boy, then turned into a young man, and so on, earning himself by making models of clocks and windmills, on which he made new experiments, most of them worked and his interest grew with time and moreover he used to feel as if some divine power were motivating him to go head in his mission.

Since Newton was God blessed, he was best in the Bible class. The illumination theory applies on him, he was divinely guided by the Holy Bible which he read again and again and every time he read it, he got a celestial light to progress and enthused to serve the world.

In 1658, Newton faced an angry sky, sweeping across England, with a powerful storm; people were frightened but Isaac remained unaffected, he was calm, just because he was acting under some divine blessings, who indirectly wanted to give a breakthrough by inspiring him to think of science in a more serious way, while he was concentrating on mathematics, light, astronomy, chemistry etc.

Almighty God, in fact, wanted him to divert to the subject of the Universe, the Earth, the Moon and the planetary bodies, so diverted his attention to the Moon why it does not travel on the straight line?

Practically guiding Isaac, the Godly power, which he always believed, saved his life from the terrible winter when he was born and then from the bubonic plague that had struck London and where around 10,000 people had died just in span of one month.

So much so, the “Black Death Spread Epidemic” forced his school to close for two months and that brought him to an area waiting for his adventure; God wanted him there to do something which none else could.

The plague was a pretext of which God gave Newton an opportunity to reach his mother’s farm during his forced holidays due to epidemic. 

The weather was different, better felt, and he liked it and that made him interested to study in an apple garden in the farm. During that course of his forced holidays, one day an apple fell down from the tree overhead and slammed onto Isaac’s working table. He picked up the apple, held it in hand on that fine morning, where he simultaneously noticed the Moon raised in the east.

The Divine force which was waiting for that particular moment, made him to assume that there is some extraordinary force that acts upon the Moon to bend its straight-line path into a closed orbit. What was the unknown force?  He prayed to God to help him.

Isaac’s prayer was heard, believe or not, he was on God’s mission, who had granted him necessary wisdom to think of the Moon and the apple as his new subject of the force of gravity and by His Divine Grace, Isaac successfully  formulated that the gravity attracts everything whether on the Earth or the space, and it is the same force that controls the Moon in its orbit. 

People say that Philosophy and Science can’t go together but this happened with Isaac Newton; it was of course a different proposition, he was a scientist on one hand but,   a great devotee of God on the other, his faith and its reading and re-reading of the Holy Bible was his greatest delight. He used to devote more time to the Scriptures than science. He said, “I have a fundamental belief in the Bible as the Word of God, written by those who were inspired. I study the Bible daily.” He was undoubtedly inspired through the Illumination Theory.

“Illumination theory” is a sort of doctrine, well known in the denominational community which makes its solid presence felt among the True God Believers. This notion is a promise of “Illumination of the Holy Spirit” made to the Christians, for guiding them rightly how to interpret the text of the Bible?

Even this theory applies to the Hindu seers and loyal devotees of God belonging to different religions who sincerely worship God from the core of their heart and worship Him with pure heart and mind.   In return, they are suitably rewarded, such true God Believers are enlightened by the divine power to understand the accurate revelation or direction as sought for in any area or religious scriptures, which is otherwise impossible for the human brain to analyze, however genius he may be.

This is an Illumination Theory. Isaac Newton, though a scientific aspirant, sought for the divine guidance being a true God Believer, and he was blessed through this theory, being enlightened by the scriptures and the inspiration of God, which bestowed upon him the right direction in a revelation of celestial knowledge.

(This piece of article is a small extract allowed by the author taken from his untitled and unpublished book, which is in the process of being written in reply to Stephen Hawking’s “The Grand Design” wherein Hawking has tried to eliminate God from the Universe. Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist from India, has accepted Hawking’s challenge and is going to counter his claim in his book both scientifically and philosophically, the book is within its final stage of drafting by the author. Dr. Raj Baldev is also Lead Man of God Believers Association, GBA, formerly known as National Integration Assembly (NIA), World Peace Mission & Promoter of Clean Environment & help preserve the great philosophy of God with scientific analysis).

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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

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