God Believers (GBA) re-phrase Global Warming as Global Climate Disorder

New Delhi, India: September 19, 2010 – IR Summary/GBA-

The US Administration wants rebranding of Global Warming, they want to soften this phrase as has previously been done in many brands of trade products, but God Believers, (GBA) think it too soft.

God Believers Association (GBA) engaged to fight Global Warming apart from several social, scientific and educative services to save the Earth Planet, has decided in New Delhi on Sunday that they would consider the new proposed phrase as ‘Global Climate Disorder’ which shall appear in its media reports, interviews and other communications. 

The US Govt. feels that the phrase of “Global Warming” is somewhat harsh and to suit the environmental issues, the new name of ‘Global Climate Disruption’ would be more suitable but GBA’s view is different.

GBA is of the unanimous view  that the proposed USA rebranding of Global Warming as ‘Global Climate Disruption’ is too soft whereas the climate question is serious, as such GBA has already rephrased it as “Global Climate Disorder” and  consider the USA proposed phrase “Global Climate Disruption’.does not carry proper weight for the world to realise its seriousness.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, who chaired the meeting of the God Believers (GBA) on Sunday in New Delhi, said, “I myself feel that the present phrase of Global Warming carries no alert message, and the world needs An urgent note to set right “ Global Climate Disorder’ to save the Earth Planet.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist and Lead Man of God Believers Association (GBA) which is a non govt. body dedicated to Naturism, Human Rights, Justice on one hand and maintaining World Peace and Healthy Environment on the other, said, : The proposed phrase of USA as “Global Climate Disruption” is too soft and is not the right message for the erring people, who have no mercy for their own Earth.”

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, said, “ GBA has already been in process of changing the phrase of ‘Global Warming’  to “Global Climate Disorder”for the last two months, and finally it is adopted today.”

Dr. Raj baldev, Cosmo Global Warming is just like a serious disease of which the public should the proper warning from its phrase.”.

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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

About Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, Ph.D., D. Litt., D Sc. (H.C), Editor-in-Chief of International Reporter, Chairman Media International Ltd., Born on 15 January 1927 in Montgomery, now in Pakistan. Internationally known, man of letters with over dozen of books and thousands of articles to his credit on various subjects including theories on the Creation of the Universe, the Black Holes, Supernovas and other functions of the Universe, Nature and Life , which he described both ways, philosophically and scientifically. He further elaborated how the entire Cosmos were formed. He holds spiritual wisdom of predicting and curing powers of the human problems, so much so, he is popularly known as Destiny Repairer, hence people call him with respect as Swamy Ji. He got the privilege of leading various Parliamentary Delegations abroad on good will missions; he also got the privilege of being invited by differnt Heads of State on state visits. He is the Founder of God Believers (GBA) who place belief in “FAITH”, Universal Modern Religion. FAITH is not a religion but a human service, an encyclopedia of creating healthy balance between Science and God. The main purpose of this mission is to defend the Identity of God from Scientists on one hand and to help fight Global Environmental Abuses, to create awareness of high risks of Excessive Nuclear Stockpiles, global service to the Human Rights and Justice on the other. He is a very simple man, he commands special respect as a holy man with high spiritualism and people address him as His Holiness. He is equally dedicated to the cause of media and journalism where he has been serving the people through his writing for over 50 years; he has also served as Member of Press Council of India. His main aim is to serve the humanity and all kinds of life on the Earth, to serve the elders, women and children, the blind, crippled, lepers and the needy, he is committed to save the Mother Earth from the abuses caused by humans and the nature through the social mission of God Believers (GBA), which also serves the World Peace. In short, he is a global social reformer. Google