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New Delhi, India:  April 20. 2010 – IR Summary/GBA /NYT-

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, Social Reformer and Lead Man of God Believers Association, through   God Believers Association (GBA), an organization which is dedicated to promote Naturism, Global Peace & Environment by way of fighting the global warming by suggestive methods and measures, during his talk told God Believers Council, “It looks as if the Nature, which the Almighty God originally created for all species, seems to have got displeased.”

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, further said, “It is a warning to the human being that too much materialism and ignoring faith in God in any form directly or indirectly or through Nature, had made the basic elements to get annoyed on the uncalled for behavior of human beings, and as a result all natural problems are cropping up one after the other, particularly at this stage when there is a serious problem of Global Warming.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, said, “It is a scientific law that the physical force of environment is a fundamental grouping of cosmic and earth energies that outline the essential forces to serve as the vital energy required for the existence of the entire life on the Earth, whether it is human, animal or plant.”

He added: “In fact, there are main five elements that form the real force of nature, which are Earth, water, fire, air and space, and help various other forces of nature to sustain life and maintain equilibrium on the Earth. Even if take the Chinese system of elements, there is not much difference, they are wood, fire, water, metal and earth.
“Those people, who believe in God in any form or Nature, can safely understand that an imbalance in these basic forces can create a serious disorder in life on the Earth including the life of the Earth. If one tries to study and analyze it, he/she can pretty well feel that there is a definite equation which works between the elements and the life and the earth wherever they live,” Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, said. 

“Those who do not respect nature or God’s existence, get natural indication of Nature’s anger ness via natural calamities as the world is at present facing.
Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, and Social Reformer, who is also known as Swamy Raj, due to his social services, continued, “Since you have put a question of Icelandic Volcano, I would like say that its shadow is a clear indication that things are not moving in a natural course, the nature is angry.

“Whenever and whatever conditions prevail, if we disrespect Nature, natural calamities are ought to occur, the event of Icelandic volcano that ramped up activity on April 13 is such an incident that has created havoc with European air traffic, and the people should realize why it is happening? The tragedies may even repeat in a larger scale and this aspect can’t be ruled out.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, further said: “As per Professor Brian Toon, Chairman of University of Colorado’s Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department, the plume will not have any global effect but the amount of sulfur dioxide discharged by the volcano, in my opinion, does poses a threat and if not why more than 17000 flights were cancelled. Its ash is so dangerous that it can make the planes stand still and crash.”

“The effect shall stay for a few days but its continuity depends on the weather, the rain and wind. However, its Nature’s warning to the human being? If the history is traced as back as 1783, there was a larger eruption that caused some climate issues in Europe by creating Smog-like conditions in London which partially blocked out the Sun and persisted through the summer months. In short, these are not good signs, whenever we rebel against Almighty or Nature, are are bound to suffer.”

As per ALAN COWELL and NICOLA CLARK, NYT,  European authorities began easing six days of severe flight restrictions on Tuesday, but a new ash cloud, reported to be spreading south from the erupting volcano in Iceland, threatened to thwart the effort to end the Continent’s worst aviation crisis. What’s this? Is it a normal affair?

The reopening of airspace under a plan agreed Monday by European ministers was cautious and unpredictable, underscoring the piecemeal nature of the response to the disruption, which has drawn criticism from the airline industry and stilled many of Europe’s busiest flight paths.

The chaos, whose impact has been felt from Beijing to New York, has now lasted twice as long as the closure of American airspace after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Britain seemed to be hardest hit by the continued perils of volcanic ash, which can damage jet engines, while most countries in Continental Europe were progressively opening flight paths by Tuesday afternoon.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, said, ” It is high time for all to respect Nature and obey its rule, or get ready to suffer every time, more and more; time is not very far, when the rising of water in seas may touch 55 to 60 meters and engulf the whole earth wiping out the entire human race. It is still time to mend our ways and save our Earth by repecting Nature’s law, which is to affect by air, sea and land.”

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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

About Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, Ph.D., D. Litt., D Sc. (H.C), Editor-in-Chief of International Reporter, Chairman Media International Ltd., Born on 15 January 1927 in Montgomery, now in Pakistan. Internationally known, man of letters with over dozen of books and thousands of articles to his credit on various subjects including theories on the Creation of the Universe, the Black Holes, Supernovas and other functions of the Universe, Nature and Life , which he described both ways, philosophically and scientifically. He further elaborated how the entire Cosmos were formed. He holds spiritual wisdom of predicting and curing powers of the human problems, so much so, he is popularly known as Destiny Repairer, hence people call him with respect as Swamy Ji. He got the privilege of leading various Parliamentary Delegations abroad on good will missions; he also got the privilege of being invited by differnt Heads of State on state visits. He is the Founder of God Believers (GBA) who place belief in “FAITH”, Universal Modern Religion. FAITH is not a religion but a human service, an encyclopedia of creating healthy balance between Science and God. The main purpose of this mission is to defend the Identity of God from Scientists on one hand and to help fight Global Environmental Abuses, to create awareness of high risks of Excessive Nuclear Stockpiles, global service to the Human Rights and Justice on the other. He is a very simple man, he commands special respect as a holy man with high spiritualism and people address him as His Holiness. He is equally dedicated to the cause of media and journalism where he has been serving the people through his writing for over 50 years; he has also served as Member of Press Council of India. His main aim is to serve the humanity and all kinds of life on the Earth, to serve the elders, women and children, the blind, crippled, lepers and the needy, he is committed to save the Mother Earth from the abuses caused by humans and the nature through the social mission of God Believers (GBA), which also serves the World Peace. In short, he is a global social reformer. Google