Pope John Paul II hospitalized – blockage of air to lungs

The U.S. medical experts said that the condition of Pope is disappointing. He was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night involved a blockage of air to the lungs.

The Vatican announcement said that the 84-year-old Pope John Paul II had been hospitalized with acute laryngospasm — an episode in which air to the lungs is blocked in the larynx for up to a minute.

“It’s short-lived, but during that time you can turn a bit blue and it is very worrisome if you ever have it, it feels like you are going to die,” said James Thomas, a laryngologist in Portland, Oregon. “It’s very frightening.”

Such an episode is very rarely fatal, experts said, but is more problematic for an elderly person with medical problems such as the pope.

“He’s an elderly man and that’s a serious problem for an elderly patient,” said Gerald Berke, chief of head and neck surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center.

“He’s got other medical problems and anything that perturbs his respiratory system is probably a serious event. But having said that, very seldom do you hear of patients that pass from this particular event.”
Of about 100 patients under his care who had suffered the condition, Berke said he knew of only one who passed out — but the patient did not die.

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