Does God exist and listen to prayers? Series 2

San Diego: January 6, 2009 - Scientists and atheists firmly believe God does not exist at all, and they are not prepared to listen to those who support the cause of God. I, in my other lectures, would explain scientifically each and every aspect of existence of this Super power, who owns the Universe. For the time being,  I’ll just touch such questions in brief answers.  

VB Swamy Raj Baldev: May you allow me to put forward my own feelings and experience of the Almighty?
“If God were not in existence, how the Universe is formed?

“Where from the unlimited material and un-estimated energy of the Universe could come when there was nothing before Creation?
“If there were no God to cause unlimited material and energy at the time of creating the Universe, could there arise any question of life?” Without the miraculous creation of God, nothing could have been in existence?. No Universe, no life.

“If God were not there, how our Universe could be so perfectly designed with all requisite powers to control each and every particle.

“If God were not there, how life could be so completely engineered biologically?

“Is it not that God, who initiated everything for us to enjoy? He has blessed us life with perfect machinery, so wonderful within the body of each class of species?

“If God does not exist, how could He listen to His devotees in prayers?

“Millions of His devotees, whatever form they pray or preach or keep faith in, get response in the form of Divine Blessing. The spiritual escalation, they receive within, delight their souls and hearts, stimulate their emotions and sentiments, and unexpectedly carry them to their respective goals they wish to achieve. They feel God is within them and He helps them not only in shedding fear from their mind but also come to their rescue at every odd situation in mysterious circumstances, hard to analyze.  

‘Scientists and atheists ask another question: “Supposing there is God, is there only one God or many?”

“There is only one God, who is Almighty, whom some call by the name of God, some Call Him by the name of Allah, some Call Him by the name of Paramatma or Vishnu and some call the Almighty by other names suiting to their cultures, religions and regions they belong.

“One thing is definite that Almighty is one and the same, with different approach by God Believers with their own experiences attached to their faith, with different ceremonies and teachings and of course adopt different names for Him but by doing so, none can divide the Almighty, He is one and has innumerable translations of His name that His devotees call Him accordingly by their own faith and belief.

“Can you divide the Sun, Moon, or planets of Solar System or beyond?  Perhaps, not. Your places of worship may vary, your language may differ, your style of calling God may be different in your language or your preferred name, but the Supreme throne of God is the same where every voice touches His Heart, when the hands raise before Him in prayers.

“A section of Human beings has tried to divide God from their own mind on the name of religion; its not divided in fact; it is only the wishful thinking of the people that makes God more great with varieties of cultures and traditions with different hymns and prayers. The worshipping may be different but each ceremony or style adds to respect of God even with unlike selection of religious or traditional colors.

“The atheists ask further: “If there is one God, how He listens to all, responds   in their prayers?”

 ”There should absolutely be no doubt in any religious mind of anyone that God is one, and the only one. He is one but carries countless names by which He is called. In certain religions and cultures, there are many sub Gods or regional Gods depending on their regional faiths. Sub Gods are like ambassadors of Supreme God to assist the Great God in his work. The Supreme God only responds to all whether His devotee approaches Him directly or through His Holy Outlets or Holy Books.

“The scientists and atheists wish to ask how God can respond through his Idol or Statue, who believe in such type of worship?

“There is no doubt that some religions and some factions of certain religions have objections to the idol worship, they may be right from their viewpoint. But everyone has his own interpretation. Some God Believers worship statues and some don’t, it’s a matter of one’s faith.
 ”As I have practical experience of over six decades, I maintain that God manifests in all material and non material elements, those who look upon God in un-manifested form in painting or statute, even He responds to them accordingly.

“Among other procedures of worshipping God or reading holy books which glorify His greatness, God also manifests through material elements, like paintings or statues or even in pictures made of by a pure hearted artist depicting God’s image, placed anywhere at home, office or temple, the rays of His positive energy surrounds the object in the form of an aura as supported by certain experiments carried out by Kirlian Photography.

Kirlian Photogralph is named after Seymon Kirlian, an amateur inventor and electrician of Krasnodar, Russia.  He made his first attempts on this process in early 40s. The process has produced thrilling results, still some people in Europe and America has made it a controversial since this invention has come from Russia. But the experience has shown wonderful results irrespective of divergent views. Continued …..

Any one wishing to ask a question related to God, which may invariably benefit to the humanity as a whole, is most certainly welcome.

Despatch by Monica Groover


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