Does God exist and listen to prayers? Series 1

San Diego, USA : January 5, 2009 - This is the first lecture, sermon or discourse of  Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist from India, also popularly known as VB. Swamy Raj Baldev, delivered  the same before a large group of God Believers in the larger interest of cultivating positive divine energy in the atmosphere.
VB Swamy Raj Baldev addresses the audience of God Lovers as under:

 ”My dear fellows of the Earth Planet, May long live your faith in Almighty God and His creation of all varies of species including Human Being that is tying us together, and with your due permission, I feel to have gained this opportunity to say a few words before you.

“We all are the yield of Supreme God, who is the greatest power of the Universe that we call him as God, Allah or Vishnu or call it any other name of our liking based on our holy cultures and traditions, these are just different words of translation of one God, which we believe and address accordingly.

“It is always difficult to present a new idea on the subject of God and it is equally hard by any person, individual or group to accept it blindly.

” With due reverence to all world religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism or others I, VB, with humble folded hands to all devotees of God, whatever form or name they believe, just trying to add a small idea concerning God that whatever religion one may belong, it is as respectable as other religions are.

I believe each and every religion that preaches God is worthy of respect and admiration, the style or mode of a devotee, or his holy books may be different but all houses of God, like Churches, Mosques, Temples, Gurudwaras  among other places of worship, warrant even respect and sacred tribute.

“With this consent of all of you, I respectfully begin that My idea is simply humble, may appear to be new, the explanation may look unmarked, but it is not so, it is an old one, perhaps among the oldest.

“The atheists or advocate of “No God Theory” always ask a precise question to prove whether God exists and if so, where does He live? This is the challenge which most of the scientists and atheists have been putting to those who believe in God and serve His cause in their own way.

“I am an old man in eighties with long research in the areas of spirituality and science and I am also privileged to author many books and here I just mention of a book how the Universe was created, Titled “Two Big Bangs Created the Universe” (Formed in Eternal Space) with 349 research references quoted therein, and the book was well appreciated all over including by the former President of India Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who himself is a great scientist.

“I got the privilege of meeting hundreds of God Believers, who thrilled me with their confidence and faith in God and I salute to all religions of the world and their believers, who inculcated so much self-reliance in me that I decided to form a group of God Believers and through this forum answer this biggest question of time immemorial that has kept the concept of existence of God divided with two words: Yes, or No. Continued ….…

Dr. Raj Baldev is the founder of ‘The group of God Believers’ also known as Followers of God; their outlook is of course restricted to one particular belief but at the same time they respect all other religions and cults which glorify the name of God in any manner, whatsoever. They do not disrespect other religions or their values but cover a broad concept of God irrespective of nationality or country, religion, caste or creed and look upon the entire life with justifiable angles, whether it is of animal, bird, man or of any other species. However, they are opposed to the policy of oppression and tyranny or inhuman behavior, or anti social activities. They look upon each life with regard and feelings.
God Believers is a group that respects all others who worship or revere God having any faith but such a person should be the follower of God, and welcome and honor those who carry high regards for God and His Greatness. They believe that God is the cause of each and every creation that we enjoy due to His kindness and Blessings. God Believers may believe in God or keep faith in Him in any form or name based on their old culture, tradition or liking; but they must consider the existence of God as logical and scientific and should feel honored to be called as ‘Followers of God’ and in fact they serve God by serving His devotees by treating them as their God’s fellow beings.

Any one wishing to ask a question related to God, which may invariably benefit to the humanity as a whole, is most certainly welcome.

Despatch by Monica Groover

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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

About Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, Ph.D., D. Litt., D Sc. (H.C), Editor-in-Chief of International Reporter, Chairman Media International Ltd., Born on 15 January 1927 in Montgomery, now in Pakistan. Internationally known, man of letters with over dozen of books and thousands of articles to his credit on various subjects including theories on the Creation of the Universe, the Black Holes, Supernovas and other functions of the Universe, Nature and Life , which he described both ways, philosophically and scientifically. He further elaborated how the entire Cosmos were formed. He holds spiritual wisdom of predicting and curing powers of the human problems, so much so, he is popularly known as Destiny Repairer, hence people call him with respect as Swamy Ji. He got the privilege of leading various Parliamentary Delegations abroad on good will missions; he also got the privilege of being invited by differnt Heads of State on state visits. He is the Founder of God Believers (GBA) who place belief in “FAITH”, Universal Modern Religion. FAITH is not a religion but a human service, an encyclopedia of creating healthy balance between Science and God. The main purpose of this mission is to defend the Identity of God from Scientists on one hand and to help fight Global Environmental Abuses, to create awareness of high risks of Excessive Nuclear Stockpiles, global service to the Human Rights and Justice on the other. He is a very simple man, he commands special respect as a holy man with high spiritualism and people address him as His Holiness. He is equally dedicated to the cause of media and journalism where he has been serving the people through his writing for over 50 years; he has also served as Member of Press Council of India. His main aim is to serve the humanity and all kinds of life on the Earth, to serve the elders, women and children, the blind, crippled, lepers and the needy, he is committed to save the Mother Earth from the abuses caused by humans and the nature through the social mission of God Believers (GBA), which also serves the World Peace. In short, he is a global social reformer. Google