Iran’s rocket-launch disturbs International balance of Peace

New Delhi, India: August 21, 2008 – Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist  - Iran has claimed to have sent a rocket into space on August 16, 2008, transporting a dummy satellite into space. The Iranian state TV confirmed that it was launched at night time in two stage Safir-e Omid or so-called Ambassador of Peace rocket and was claimed to be a great success of the country and the countrymen  rejoiced the occasion.


The TV Channel also transmitted video of the launch amid delighting atmosphere and exhibiting it as an Iranian pride.


The news of successful launch is repudiated by American sources, who declared that the launch was an utter failure and the claim by Iran is not untrue. But Iran is firm in confirming that their launch was a success.


US officials have spoken out against Iranian claims that Saturday’s launch went as planned; according to one official, Iran‘s launch was a “dramatic failure.”


Iran states to have launched their first commercial satellite on board a Russian rocket. This confirmed concerns of Russia‘s co-operation with the Iranian government to bolster the country’s space-faring ability.


Iran also announced that it would launch a man into space within the next decade.

As per China‘s new Agency Xinhua, the Iranian Space Organization chief Reza Taghipour will set the exact date for a future manned mission within the year.

Apparently, “Iran must win the first place in space technology in the region by the Iranian year of 1400 (the equivalent Christian year of 2021),” according to Xinhua (although it is unclear whether the Chinese source is quoting Taghipour or they are stating a fact). Iran also wants to launch a series of ten domestically-built satellites by 2010 to aid disaster relief operations.

This launch  claimed by Iran, wrong or right, success or failure, has created a mass of tension on the Western countries and particularly US, who is deadly against Iran’s nuclear program, even though Iran claims it to be for peaceful purposes.


There are many other countries who do not appreciate Iran‘s nuclear program. Even Israel is hot on this matter and is ready to take any risk of threat against Iran.


If Iran‘s claim is right and is capable of possessing long-range ballistic missiles, it can cause heavy damage to its opponents than they can think of.


In short, this launch, may be a failure, has shaken the balance of peace on international arena.


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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

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