Tryst With God – Swamy Raj – Series 12

New Delhi, India: May 16, 2008 – Released by Federation of God Believers – What’s the purpose of  our Existence? – While traveling with my father in the bus, which was moving at an extremely slow speed  on the hilly zig zag road, I was thinking fast on  the issue of salt deposits.

 ”Why ‘Salt Deposits’ were held in vast range of hills; why such deposits hoarded only in selected places of the Earth as per geography?  Why there is an uneven distribution of salt all over? All such questions and confusion were hitting my mind. “Why the Earth has salty lakes, salty seas and salty oceans and where from so big a quantity of salt has come?”

In between, our bus stopped there for a while for refreshment. There were two small restaurants, and on their sides there were two platforms having two large sign boards, one showing Panni Hinduon Ke liye (Water for Hindus) on one side and the other indicated Panni Musalmano Ke liye (Water for Muslims), I was surprised to note and asked my father what’s Hindu Water or Muslim Water?

My father told me that Hindus generally don’t take water from the pots meant for Muslims and vice versa. “It’s unfortunate on both parts”; my father heaved a sigh and kept quiet, because he was not only a holy man but also a great nationalist. I understood my father’s mode, he wasn’t happy with such differences between Hindus and Muslims, he was a combined personality of human being.

However, his reply put me to a new thinking over the issue of Hindus and Muslims. I questioned myself:  “When all people are one, all have same functions, then why different religions; some are Muslims, some are Hindus, some are Christians and some are Sikhs and some have formed their own religious sects? Why this difference, when they claim ‘God’ to be one. If Muslims call God as Allah, or Hindus call God as Ishwar or Vishnu, how could God become different? Our Sun is one, our Moon is one, but our thinking is not one.”

Another idea followed, “As we are all human beings, each of us should have the same feeling and good relationship with others but it’s not there. The association of both the communities and even others is practically not very friendly but hold vast differences; the classes of people are divided, poor live miserably and the rich enjoy, why? What’s the logic?

It’s quite sad but the religious leaders probably think it necessary to keep the human being bound by the rules of community and religion so as to regulate their life within their approved or local norms in the larger interest of the society.

Though a common man looks to be independent and free in thinking under the law of nature, but he holds certain obligations and limitations of his community or religion. I thought again that the community binding might have been imposed to discipline the human mind to do good deeds within their respective cultures, which their reverend elders might have thought proper for them.
Still the idea was goading me why Hindus don’t like to take water from the Muslim sources, either from their well or tap, why? What’s wrong in water -  why Muslim or Hindu Water?  We belong to the same Earth, same Sun, same Moon, same air, still our thoughts are different, our family cultures are different, even though our country is one. The question arises why air is not Hindu or Muslim, why Sun is not Hindu or Muslim, why Moon is not Hindu or Muslim?

I felt no one seems to be genuinely interested where from all of us have come and why such a huge difference in our life style and conditions of poor and the rich? All are ruled by certain groups of people and some politicians make a common man to play under their hands and treat them as their personal property, whether in area of religion or politics.

My mind switched over to the Universe. I was thinking, “What a vast  area, the central place of all stars, the Sun, planets and the Earth; why the entire life has sprung up here, have we any purpose in life? Is there any Creator of the Universe, and if so, the Creator should be one, and if it is one, then why so much differences among the humans?”

I was continuously thinking as if some one were goading me to continue, “How the Solar System developed along with other stars and planets and how our Earth was produced and shaped? There is none exactly to tell us about the real purpose of our existence while our ultimate goal is common, the death of all, irrespective of any differences of class, profession, color, creed, region, country or continent.”   

My mind again shifted to ‘Salt Deposits’ in vast range of hills, where from we were passing through by a bus.

I was thinking, how the salt deposits would have accumulated in different regions of the Earth?  However, it is well arranged and perfectly hoarded. Our Earth is like our own mother, who provides all properties of living and non living elements to enable us to survive wherever we are and whatever the region we belong. Under these circumstances, the question arises that the existence of the Earth can’t be a matter of chance, some one must have designed and created it.

Who will tell us? Is our science complete to answer all these questions?

I asked my father, “Lalaji, I have many questions in my mind, why are we born and struggle the whole life?  My mother has been suffering for a long period of 7 years putting down on the bed and you were equally affected by serving her throughout and the children also put up with hardships despite having  enough money to incur the expenses. How miracles happened in our family, you know better, how God functions, how Krishna or Vishnu acted in our case to help us on each occasion?

I continued asking my father, “Have we any specific purpose of life? Man takes birth, leads his life with pleasure or pain or vice versa, some hold good health and some suffer and pass through different diseases, roughness of life, some enjoy amenities of life and some beg on the road.

Normally a poor man leads his life in tough and horrible conditions and some spend their life comparatively peacefully and comfortably and some lead luxuriously but ultimately every one has to meet the same end, the death, the ultimate goal of life.

The cycle of death is for everyone, any type of life, bird, animal, insects, humans, plants, trees, stars and ultimately our Sun, the planets and the Earth. Everything that exists has a term of life; nothing is permanent, when everyone is to meet the same end, what’s the necessity of life?

Who created all this, God! But why? God would also have been created by some one, was it so?  Anything that exists must be born and anything that takes birth has to die after completion of its fixed term. The cycle of life and death continues unabated.

Now the World War II has broken in, lakhs of people would die, who would ultimately be benefited and the beneficiaries would also die one day, then where does the purpose of life stand?

My father was just staring at me, I was speaking non stop and asking questions unknowingly? He said, “I am happy that your thoughts in this tender age are so philosophical and I simply wonder today to hear them. I could never dream of such extraordinary thinking of a boy of just 13 or so. I am sure that one day you would find the right answer yourself.”  

My father explained, “Your thoughts are not yours, this is a wave of cosmic rays coming from the outer space and planets converting into thoughts in your mind, which you caught through the incoming signals.

The flow of thoughts is just like a strong storm or squall, or thunderstorm, with or without rain; when it comes, it brings many things along with it, dust, rubbish, trash, junk, wind, tree leaves and whatever light weighted material spread on roads and grounds, everything tries to move and accompany with the storm and some elements raise in the air and pass along with its fast speed.

The trees are uprooted, the window glasses are broken where they are kept loose, and the hoardings on the road are disintegrated and fall on the ground. Everything goes disarray or disordered. The traffic gets jammed, the people run away from the roads and take shelters wherever possible.”

“When the storm or tempest calms down, it brings peace, everything becomes normal, similarly yours is a storm of a hurricane of well-built thoughts on philosophy of Universe and life, now occurring in your brain and transmitted to your mind with high-speed and the cluster of your questions seem to be synchronizing with the speed of your thoughts.”

“When the storm of your thoughts calms down, it shall give you much improved thinking with automatic answers.  The brain is a research engine that transmits everything to mind and it reacts automatically according to Yoga experience, if you practice with full concentration, it will reproach back and satisfy you.”

He said, “As regards God, who is He, why He has created the entire Universe, the stars, the Sun and the Earth and life all over? He alone can answer this question and for that you have to be friendly with Him in your thoughts, in yoga, in super conscious state or in your own worship or devoted love for Him.”

My father continued: “Whenever you think of God and ask questions with cool mind, the answers shall come back. When you once feed any question in the brain, its answer is bound to come back; it is a matter of science, philosophy and spiritualism, as per yoga theory.”

I further asked my father: “Do such questions occur to every body?”

My father told me that God prefer such families and individuals having pious background and select them accordingly. The Almighty then inculcates such seeds of thinking in their inbuilt material to enable them to perform specific obligations for the society.

The Supreme Godhead ultimately bestows upon them necessary inbuilt qualities and in the elementary stage, they are privileged to receive such types of thoughts in their very early age, which others don’t.

As regards God and His existence, His birth or death or his being immortal, when you sit in a Samadhi and concentrate on Him, you’ll get every answer that creates doubt in your mind.

On listening to my father, I became a bit calm and tried to analyze his guideline on the way.

Meanwhile, we arrived at our destination, and we picked up our luggage and what I saw that my elder brother in law, the husband of my eldest sister Soma Wanti, who was Inspector of Police, had reached there to receive us.


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