How Numerology changes one’s luck?

San Diego, California:  May 4, 2008 – Monica Groover releases some excerpts of Swamy (Dr.) Raj Baldev, famous Cosmo Theorist and noted Don of Occult Sciences what occult science is and how Numerology is related to it?


Excerpts from Swamy (Dr.) Raj Baldev’s interview:


“Occult is the mother of various branches of hidden sciences and it affects the human being and the amount of its influence depends on the nature of sound of letters that carries with one’s name. It affects everyone’s luck, good or bad, depending on time, date, year and the location and country.


These letters suggest certain cosmic vibration with a combined name of a person, company or any important proper noun, or addressing word, melody, song, national anthem or any proper name of a thing living, dead, decorative or otherwise.


The combination of their name has given an experience to know how the numbers produce certain aptitude, character and nature of the person, which one carries. Similar names also carry likeness and affinities till new numbers or letters are added or subtracted.


The popular portion of the name affects him/her more than the full name. Each letter has its own significance and numeric value in the collective sound that it carries and so this science of numbers is called occult science.


None can escape its effect so easily; it indicates good or bad luck as per experience of the numerologists and it is proved beyond doubt. During my observation and experience of 65 years, I found this science very effective and it is more used to achieve negative than positive results.”


Nitin Raj had also asked questions from Leesburg, USA on Numerology for the general benefit of the people and Dr.Raj Baldev answered from New Delhi, India. It was a very important interview that he had with Swamy (Dr.) Raj Baldev, some excerpts of which are reproduced for public benefits:


“It is an occult science of numbers, letters and sound. The origin of numerology is very old, as old as the Hindu Astrology.


When a Hindu Astrologer casts a horoscope, he not only predicts the possible characteristics of one’s personality but also suggests a lucky letter of the name for the newly born baby. It is prevalent even today after thousands and thousands of years.


When the people change their names with suggested numerological letters, their stars or luck is bound to change due to change of sound of name either by calling or writing, the sound of name and its inscription both have strong bearing on one’s working style and its effect cannot be overlooked, it comes to the fore, only affected people can tell you.


But some numerologists predate Pythagoras, the most popular being the very old Hebrew Kabbala. During that period between 1911 and 1917 a series of books were published on Numerology by L. Dow Balliett and in 1930s Florence Campbell supported the cause.


I would not like to contradict the opinion of predate Pythagoras, but I would at least this much that Hebrew Kabbala was not the oldest, since Hindus discovered the magic effect of these hidden numbers thousands of years ago.


Normal belief is that the magical period of occult sciences   appeared in the 20th Century when the books were published on this subject. This forced the human mind to think that luck could be changed with numbers.


Here I would emphasize that the system of Occult Science or Numerology found by Hindus or any other researcher in the 20th Century has done a great service to the humanity, this being an occult and complete science of prediction and future events.


Though science has changed very rapidly, the subject of numerology has gone stronger than weaker. It still carries a special place while finalizing any name of a person, company or any important name of a thing or address to stand lucky. There is no doubt that numerology is a science like astrology, a system of hidden calculation. The pronunciation of the name, letter or melody and its sound affects the thinking and luck of a person.


Each letter in anybody’s name or an addressing word pronounced, written or heard carries special significance and weight and rebounds our mind. When  a Hindu in India   pronounces the letter ‘OM’ from the core of his heart, it creates cosmic vibration, and he feels thrilled and it is well experimented for thousands of years. Similarly those who hear it are equally affected and gain positive energy.


When Lord Krishna devotees chant mantra like “Hare Krishna Hare Rama, Ram Ram, Hare Hare’, they are delighted and excited. The listener devotees feel equally ecstatic when they attentively listen to it with pioud mind. They, in fact, are absorbed and lost within themselves during the course, whether chanter or the listener.


When a Muslim raises his head towards the sky and say:  Allah Hu Akbar, he is enchanted and feels a strange spiritual happiness, which others can’t imagine. When some Muslim hears the name of Prophet Mohammad Sahib from any source, his feelings arise in the praise of Allah and his great religion.


Similarly, when a Christian utters the name of Jesus or Marry, he/she feels extraordinary spiritual pleasure and is moved within, experiences a sort of stimulation.


When a child addresses his father or mother as papa or mummy, the parents are enthused in their hearts.


So is the case of country’s own flag, its national anthem or its tune, or related words would move any citizen and such examples are unlimited; there is the magic spell of this occult science which the millions practice due to their faith in their family, community, religious or national concepts to which they are drawn like a magnet.


When a person exchanges compliments with each other sincerely, both get a strange sort of satisfaction and pleasure. In Islam, Aslamalekam has special significance, and Walekam Salam gives the pleasure in return.


The name could be of any person, company or important addressing words, local, regional, national, international or celestial. The numerology affects any body’s name, whether living, dead, person, company or any other important name of a movie, song or a point with a popular name.  


The wise and old Astrologers and Numerologists, in fact, did not disclose correct numbers in all alphabets. Some do have changes but not disclosed, however, I hereby give the standard numbers adopted and put to practice by numerologists and astrologers and they are:


A                     carries  1         

B                     carries  2

C                     carries  3

D                     carries  4

E                      carries  5

F                      carries  8

G                     carries  3

H                     carries  5

I                       carries  1

J                       carries  1

K                     carries  2

L                      carries  3

M                     carries  4

N                     carries  5

O                     carries` 7

P                      carries  8

Q                     carries  1

R                      carries  2

S                      carries  3

T                      carries  4

U,V,W             carry    6 each

X                     carry    5

Y                     carries  1

Z                      carries  7         


The old Numerologists did not give the correct emulation of all alphabets deliberately but hid the formula. They hid some of letters because that was their trade secret, their profession covert, they didn’t want to open the entire basket not only for personal or business reasons but also because those could be misused..


Had those wise Numerologists decoded the entire formula to the public, the people would have definitely misused it. The secret of these alphabets can shower good luck on one hand and also bad luck on the other. It could give good news, it could also give bad news depending on the adoption of the values of alphabets. The old Numerologists did wise not to open all cards, since it could cause a sort of black magic and binding effect on the luck.


This occult method. If I disclose fully, I am afraid, the youth shall surely misuse it since the right changes in alphabets not only adds to luck but also one’s thoughts. It can even control the mind of another person like hypnotism, as if one’s brain is controlled by remote by occult numbers. The changes in names and occult use can even attract the opposite gender. Even the garments printed on different brands and worn by youths also carry occult effects. This is a matter of observation and survey.


Supposing you take the alphabet ‘X’, its real value is No.1 and not 5 as normally accepted. It is based on my practical experience of around 65 years. Its method is to work out like this:  EKS = X. The value of E is 5, of K =2 and of S = 3, add all: 5+2+3=10, it is to be converted into single digit and it comes to 1.


Coming to ‘Z’, the Occultists have shown the correct value in this case as 7.  It works out like this. SEDD = Z, it contains the double sound of D, hence their value numbers are 3+5+4+4 =16 and 1+6 = 7, so its value is okay.


The correct value is worked out based on its sound. Supposing you are to take the value of ‘RAJ BALDEV’, ordinarily it shall be 2+1+1+ 2+1+3+4+5+6= 25 and that is equal to 7 in single number.  Since this name is divided into two parts, the value of one space is to be added by 1, and it shall become 8 instead of 7. It is No. 8 rather than number 7 that shall govern the person of this name in the area of occupation, profession, residence, conveyance and good dates.


In short, numerology is a mathematical system or occult science that the change in letters in one’s name to suitable numbers can give better results and transforms one’s personality and potentials in due course.


Every person is not only affected by his name, but also by his date of birth, vehicle number, house number and the numbers of his or her close associates, so much so even if one employs a servant, or keeps an animal, the occult number of one’s name may also affect the person. The combined adjustment of name, date of birth and other given factors are planned in such a way that it may enhance the luck of the person.”

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