Does Black Magic exist? What’s it?

New Delhi, October 17, 2007 – Does Black Magic exist? If so, what’s the proof? Supposing it is there, is there any procedure to ward it off? Yes, there is. Black Magic is an occult science.

An average person can move his brain waves easily in any direction he wants. If one starts thinking positively, it works positively and if he thinks otherwise, it causes negative effects and these reactions carry an influence called Black Magic of evil eye. An evil minded female releases sharper effects than an evil minded male in such applications.

Though the inensity of evil eye effect is not weighed so strong, its effect cannot be ignored. If an evil eye looks at you while taking milk, good food and nice dress, good vehicle or respectable career, it can damage it to an extent mysteriously without any apparent reasons in sight. But it is correct. How it affects, only the experienced and mature persons can tell you what it is? It is an occult science which one can confirm by observation.

The evil eye can apply brake to an extent to any progress of a person, more the evil minded person, more the effect it carries. This is caused by Brain waves.

Moving Brain Waves is a technology or Occult science whatever you may call it. It has exposed an increasingly popular virtual world to the people, even paralytic patients, can bring change to their lives with the power of imagination, they can relieve of their own stress or tension, and ultimately they can break the disease to a great extent.

With this imagination while sitting before a computer with Internet connection, a person is not to move his finger. His brain portion is connected to the Internet by wearing head gear fixed with electrodes, whatever he thinks; the image shall start appearing on the screen and with that illustration or figure, his confidence increases to an extent to what one cannot otherwise think of.

He can assume of doing anything, you may wonder that his body mechanism shall automatically change within and as he thinks, the image shall change its shape accordingly and shall appear on the screen, and after seeing his own image moving about as per his own fancy or imagination or whatever action he wants to put in himself,  his brain shall reinvigorate its activities on the same pattern and help him gradually to become what he longs for.

Under this technology, the scientists believe that a person wearing head gear fixed with electrodes analyses brain waves in the cerebral motor cortex, and thus it would enable him to move a Second Life character forward by thinking he or she is walking.

Imagining movement with the right or left hand shall also make the character turn accordingly in the same direction.

The scientists have, in fact, improved this new technology based on their previous research work done on scanning the brain waves that control objects such as computer cursors and electrical gears.

Even in the Keio University Lab, the scientists have designed artificial arms which operate by reading the brain waves. So much so, this technology could help people undergoing neuro-rehabilitation by stimulating the brain activities.

The idea of this or similar technologies is taken from the Hindu Yogis, even though the scientists are reluctant to accept it but it is correct, a Genuine Yogi is capable of taking out his own soul out of his body for some time or can do any miracle within or outside his body by just sitting and meditating at one place. Yogi can even awaken his kundalini (Dormant creative energy) and can control or release of prana, and by his yog power can cure most of the diseases or disorders for any particular person or persons, and can also transform his brain to any direction he likes.

From here, most of other unofficial fibres  of Yoga started turning into a new discipline of Black Magic both for curing and harming others like voodoo, which is also known as Voudou, Vodou or Voudun,  meanting ‘God the Creator’or ‘The Great Spirit’.

This knowledge is believed to be originated from Africa but now it is practiced in Africa, Caribbean, Central, North and South America, in particular, and rest of the world, in general.

It is practiced in various forms. However, its main purpose remains to heal the sick and give relief to the needy. Its healing to the individual includes relationships within himself, herself, with others and ultimately with any spiritual power. It is believed that this method is capable of providing relief  to an undeserving person at the cost of someone else and if it is correctly believed, then it is considered dangerous method of Black Magic.

This method has often been distorted and misused for many centuries. On its pretext, many wrong things have been done by different societies like human sacrifices, vampires, soaking blood and devil worship for the last four centuries, to have worldly gain or revenge. Even, the film producers have damaged this technique by shooting different films on fragile grounds.

In fact, Voodoo is a life affirming practice that encourages its participants to better understand the natural processes of life and their own spiritual natures, and it can be used both ways to harm others or give relief to an individual. Since it has both aspects, it is a dangerous Black Magic since it is open to damage the innocent people liking causing accidents, snatching their rightful privileges and so on.


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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

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