Ban Ki-moon, last hope to rescue 7 Ashraf hostages

An urgent action needed by UN Secy. Gen Ban Ki-moon to rescue 7 hostages: September 30, 2013- News n Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, on the ill fate of 7 unfortunate, innocent refugees of Ashraf Camp, Baghdad, who are now under the captivity of Iraqi Govt. who are continuously torturing them, see the irony of fate, six of them are women. How do you like to feel concern about it?

Thereafter Iraqi’s final plan is to transfer them to Iran for total assassination.

These 7 hostages were taken after the horrifying attack on the residents of Camp Ashraf on September 1st, where the Iraqi forces had killed 52 persons of Ashraf Camp for no fault of theirs except that they were recognized refugees. Their hands were tied from the back and were shot at and mercilessly killed with no conscience of human consideration.

The most vital point is to investigate thoroughly, the failure to prevent this attack which left 52 dead and 7 hostages captured by the Iraqi govt. for torturing and finally to send to Iran for their ultimate decimation.

God Believers Association (GBA), which was formerly known as National Integration Assembly (NIA), dedicated to human rights and world peace among other social commitments, urge Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, to press the Government of Iraq (Gol) to cooperate fully with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq in investigating these events.

All persons of the Iraqi forces, who undertook the job of butchers and killed 52 innocent members of the Ashraf Camp should be brought to justice. They crossed all barriers of inhumanity and killed 52 innocent refugees of Ashraf Camp and took 7 hostages which include 6 women.

Justice is a must for them which the GBA seek, and feel that Mr. Ban Ki-Moon , is the last hope of the humanity, who shall come into action and act for urgent justice.

The fate of the seven Camp Ashraf residents missing since the attack is also of great concern for the world, who know the human values. In a 19 September 2013 letter, Hon. Catherine Ashton, the European Commission’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, alleged that there was reason to believe that these individuals were being detained near Baghdad and were at risk of being transferred to Iran.

The Iraqi government intends to extradite them to Iran, where they’ll be further tortured and executed.

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