Manmohan Singh and President Obama likely discuss world peace when they meet next

Urgent Changes in International Politics: May 17, 2013 –News n Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, on the importance of PM Manmohan Singh and President Obama’s meeting in Washington for which full preparations are being processed.

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wants better ties with India. In this regard President Obama has said, both leaders of both countries should decide within themselves. It is not enough, it does not solve the situation, there is something else that President Obama wants to convey to India how to improve their relations and how to fight terrorism jointly.

As such, when India is preparing to host China’s new Prime Minister Li Keqiang on his first foreign visit to India starting Sunday, PM Manmohan Singh is getting ready to meet President Obama in US as fast he could. This gives a different signal. What would you like to say about it?

There is an urgent discussion likely to take place between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Obama in Washington not only regarding Pakistan but also about China among others, what policy or strategies India should adopt for the general benefit of the International community, world peace and to intensify anti-terrorism.

The issue of North Korea last threat may also be figured among the supposedly top secret agenda.
Apart from these issues, another priority issue of Syria may also figure in the meeting of PM Manmohan Singh and President Obama, since Russia have openly come to the aid of President Assad of Syria and have already sent their advanced missiles to help them out if war escalates.

Since the Agenda is top secret, what urgency has arisen which can’t be discussed on phone between Indian PM and US President.

Other lobbyists feel otherwise as per media reports:
India and the US have been constantly working on the Indian PM’s visit to Washington. While the White House has not given any firm date so far, Secretary of State John Kerry is likely to arrive next month, probably in the third week of June.

US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, who was here last week ahead of Kerry’s visit, is said to have discussed with his Indian counterparts the possibility of the PM’s visit, and signaled that Washington is equally keen for this meeting.

Though apparently both sides are interested to develop bilateral relations, there is something else important to note.

This meeting of PM and President Obama is important not only from the viewpoint of Indo-US relationship but also the roles in world peace and anti – terrorism and how to tackle them jointly.

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