Cyclone fast approaching Bangladesh, warning issued to Fishboats

May 12, 2013 – JP Jain – As per special weather bulletin from Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), the cyclone is fast approaching towards Bangladesh; necessary warning issued to Maritime ports in Bangladesh.

They are advised to take proper protective measures as the cyclone Mahasen, which is believed to be originating in the southeast Bay of Bengal and is assumed to have moved towards the northwest to some extent. The report from Xinhua states:

“A depression, which has already turned into a cyclonic storm, may most probably first move northwestwards during the next 36 hours and re-curve thereafter northeastwards towards the Bangladesh-Myanmar coast.”

The bulletin said the cyclone was centered about 1,455km south-southwest of Bangladesh’s Chittagong seaport. The maximum speed within 54 km of the storm center is reported to have risen from 62 km to 88 km per hour in gusts/squalls. The photo of old cyclone is given in this news to enable the readers to form an idea about the cyclone, which once had occurred in Bangladesh.

Timely warning to Bangladesh is also given to fishing boats not to go into deep sea so as to take all precautionary measures to avoid any major damage.

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