Boston Marathon bombing may grab second suspect

Boston Marathon bombing Case: April 19, 2013 – MIL/IR Summary – The reports received from WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS indicate that Boston Mayor Tom Menino had explained to WBZ-TV that the suspect was holed up in a boat parked in a backyard. Media men were, however, kept away from the scene.

Before the gunfire, State Police Col. Timothy Alben is reported to have said at a news conference that he believed Tsarnaev was still in Massachusetts because of his ties to the area. But authorities had lifted the stay-indoors warning for people in the Boston area, and the transit system started running again by evening.

“We can’t continue to lockdown an entire city or an entire state,” Alben said. At the same time, he and other authorities warned that Tsarnaev is a killer and that people should be vigilant about his activities.

To make the people refresh their memory, the gunfire erupted on Friday night amid the manhunt for the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, and police in armored vehicles and tactical gear rushed into the Watertown neighborhood in a possible break in the case.

The burst of activity came at the end of a tense day in and around Boston, and less than an hour after police announced that they were scaling back the hunt because they had come up empty-handed following an all-day search that sent thousands of SWAT team officers into the streets and paralyzed the metropolitan area. (With some input of AP):

There is no doubt about the genuine efforts made by the police to grab the culprit, he shall eventually be caught and people shall get some relief.


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