Egypt: Retrial for Mubarak for 900 deaths during protests

900 Deaths in Egypt during protests – Is Former President Hosni Mubarak responsible? April 13, 2013, News b Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, on the issue of former President Hosni Mubarak whether he is responsible for 900 deaths lost during 18 days protests. What would you like to say?

Last time the court had no evidence whether former President Hosni Mubarak was responsible for killing 900 people in l8 days protests staged in Egypt. Hence, the court put Mr. Hosni Mumbarak into another trial so as to enable the prosecution to manipulate evidence to hang him once for all.

When Hosni Mubarak appeared in the court first time in ten months, the people were there to greet him, mostly favorable, perhaps most of them had realized that overturning of Hosni was a blunder, Hosni waved his hands and acknowledged their good wishes.

The new President Morsi is not at all acceptable by the people, he is looked upon as a dictator and not as the President, this is the comparative judgement breeding in Egypt.

So President Morsi would put all out efforts to see that Hosni gets death penalty so that he should continue uninterrupted, he doesn’t mind even the people call him dictator.

The appeals court had granted Mubarak a retrial after ruling that in the first trial, the prosecution’s case did not place proper evidence and failed to prove that 900 protesters were killed by the police during the bloodiest days of the revolt.

Hoda Nasrallah, a rights lawyer, who is representing 65 case of victim – families , said there is no certainty that the prosecution would be able to provide new evidence to prove the charges.

As per previous reports,the judge in the first trial criticized the prosecution for failing to provide evidence that police killed protesters.

Protesters accused attorney general’s office of shoddy work in collecting evidence. The attorney general at the time was a Mubarak-appointee who has since been replaced.

The investigation was carried out in about one month time which in way is proper to review the case like this.

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