Does Sonia Gandhi wish to be PM instead of Rahul?

Sonia’s New future political strategy – March 28, 2013, News n Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, on the statement of Congress leader Digjaviaya Singh that PM-Sonia model a failure. What would you say about this statement?

However big leader of Congress may be counted in the party, no one is above Sonia Gandhi, nor more intelligent and brilliant than her; she speaks a few words when essential and changes the whole atmosphere in favor of Congress, so powerful lady she is.

I had many opportunities to meet Mrs. Indira Gandhi on many occasions, most of the time alone, she also believed in action and alwys directed them like the commander in Chief with a few words to her party leaders, no party leader, however, popular, had any courage to pass any adverse or controversial comments against her or the party.

Similarly Sonia holds extraordinary poltical qualities like her, hence the statement of Digvijaya Singh, who himself is a mature leader, does not seem to be of his own, it has come from the boss.

Political wisdom suggests that Mr. Digvijaya Singh might be politicaly briefed or advised to comment on his own behalf which he revealed during a TV interview and the statement was published in Time of India, Delhi Edition under “PM-Sonia Model a failure, says Diggy” on 27 March 2013.

Mr. Digvijayay Singh disclosed purported to be his own feelings and claimed that the model (two power centers in Sonia and PM, haven’t worked very well.

Digvijayay Singh further said: whosoever be the PM must have the authority to function.”

He means the power of PM and Congress President should be one and not two.

This statement and the early statement of Mr. Rahul Gandhi are inter-linked, both statements show that Sonia Ji might have thought of trying to become the Prime Minister, irrespective certain factors against her. She might be desiring, once she becomes the PM, should hold both powers as PM as well as Chief of the Party.

This could be one of the reasons that Rahul Gandhi gave the statement that he does not want to be the PM.

In this situation, the strategy is simple, will Sonia try for the chair of PM ship for herself or Rahul to get hold of the position, she wants that both positions should be amalgamated in one and she should hold the chief authority of party as well as pm-ship, which may not be an easy task from many angles, political and otherwise. Meanwhile she wants to train Rahul for the high command post.

Sonia Gandhi might be feeling she missed her earlier chance as PM,her stars did not allow her, as I predicted for Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, in 1999.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

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