Wave of BJP’s PM candidate may go against Modi?

Confusion on Modi as BJP PM Candidate : February 4, 2013 – News n Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, on the confusion of Narendra Modi as BJP PM Candidate. What would you like to say about this wave?

The wave how it is spread and circulated is harmful to Chief Minister Modi, in this way the people start thinking much in advance, some pro and some anti, and ultimately there shall be a serious damage to Narendra Modi at the final stage.

It is India, more the publicity, more the enmity from secret friends and rivals and the people as a whole.

A long publicity much in advance enters into the thinking veins of the people; they get bored very soon by day to day cheap publicity; they feel bored.

Remember, the publicity of Modi as is being circulated is more harmful to him, even evil eye, if you believe, adversely affects the positive prospects.

Declaring Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the future PM Candidate by the Bharatiya Janata Party shall not only weaken the candidature of Mr. Modi but also shall reduce the exalted image of the party in the eyes of the voters, who don’t like cheap publicity like the way it is being circulated in favor of Mr. Modi.

If it continues any more, it would simply show BJP has no other agenda and no other capable leader who could be selected as such after 2014 elections.

The wise politicians and senior and mature journalists must have noted that the publicity for Rahul Gandhi has also been advised to keep low; his mention now comes rarely, so as to lift him in a practical way rather than through media publicity that too in a gradual manner.

The publicity for Rahul Gandhi was also not welcomed by the people as a whole, the secret polling indicated lowering of his popular index than what the Congress Men might be assessing.

BJP President Rajnath Singh on Monday has very rightly said that the party members should not speculate or comment on the candidature of PM.

“I am appealing to all my leaders of BJP and workers not to speculate or give any statement on BJP’s PM candidate,” the newly-elected BJP president said.

BJP should note, there are also other candidates for PM ship, whether they may get a chance or not, they shall naturally not be happy if their hope is dashed like this.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

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