Clashes in Egypt: 31 killed, 322 injured in Port Said, Country in Dilemma

Bloody Clashes in Egypt: January 27, 2013 – News n Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosom Theorist, on the issue of Bloody Clashes in Egypt’s Port Said over a football riot verdict as reported on Sunday. Has the Opposition any hand in these clashes?

Clashes were reported to be broken out between the Security forces and family members of the convicts and they were also assumed to be supported by the some Opposition parties to share their grief by joining them against the authorities.

The clashes started only when a Criminal Court in Cairo pronounced the sentence related to the riots where more than 70 persons were killed.

The family members along their sympathizers, believed to be from the Opposition, thronged upon two police stations where a firing was exchanged between the people and the policemen. The police, however, released tear gas to scatter the huge crowd.

As per media report, 17 people are reported in serious conditions of which 2 are police officers.

As per news agency MENA, all the people, who were in serious conditions, were transferred to hospital in Cairo by helicopter.

The violence erupted one day after the demonstrations which marked the second anniversary of the Jan.-25 revolt wherein nine demonstrators were also feared to be killed.

The clash on the 2nd anniversary was for the same old reason of the new constitution unacceptable to the people being manipulated and the tactic used by Muslim Brotherhood to rule the country in their own non-democratic style.

The figure of the killed in Friday’s protests was nine; the main reason of the clashes on the occasion of the second Anniversary was to express that the people looked cheated by the Muslim Brotherhood on one side and President Morsi on the other, who want to establish their own undemocratic rule against the wishes of the people, which is not acceptable to the country on the whole.

President Morsi got the Constitution manipulated in his own autocratic way.Since the people felt cheated by the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi, who want to control Egypt in a suppressible manner, the
Opposition simply wanted to show their anger being against the autocratic rule.

It is further reported that the main hotels and also the US embassy in Cairo were closed, the embassy did not entertain any public service. (Single Page Format).

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