Gujarat: Narhari Amin quits Congress, joins BJP

Narhari Amin joins BJP

Disgruntled over not being given a ticket to contest assembly election, senior Congress leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Narhari Amin on Thursday joined the BJP and vowed to ensure defeat for his party for over two decades.

Amin and over 2000 of his supporters were heartily welcomed to BJP by Chief Minister Narendra Modi at a function held at the party headquarters in Ahmedabad. They were formally inducted in to the party with offering of a saffron scarf by Modi.

Speaking on the occasion, Modi said that it was an important event in Gujarat’s political history. “I believe that Narharibhai and his supporters would strengthen democratic forces and give a massive blow to family ruled party. The outcome of this strength will be seen on December 20” he added.

Giving the example of Amin, Modi said that Congress had the culture of back stabbing its own worker who has dedicated his life for the party. “People can forgive mistakes but won’t forget deception or cheating. Congress has not only deceived the nation but its own party members,” Modi claimed.

“There can be mistakes in a democracy but no party has the right to back-stab its own workers. This kind of culture does not suit democracy. So the question is, which kind of democracy Gujarat needs. Clearly, the state does not need Congress type of democracy,” the chief minister said.

Praising Amin for his decision to join BJP, Modi said, “This is not a small decision. It takes a lot of courage and conviction.” Justifying joining hand with Amin and his supporters Modi said, “We are not doing this for wrested interest, but to serve the people of Gujarat, for better future of the state.”

On his part Amin also showered praises on Modi and appreciated his work in the state. Amin further projected Modi a prime ministerial candidate for 2014 general election, and asked party workers to set the target and begin work from this very minute.

“Modi will complete his hat-trick this time with the wicket of the Congress,” Amin said. “For the last 21 years I have served the Congress and worked towards strengthening the oraganisation, but when it came to decide tickets for the 2012 assembly polls there was no consideration of senior leaders like me,” Amin said. He said that there was no reason for not giving him a ticket.

“We have decided to ensure defeat of Congress and victory for BJP with tremendous majority,” Amin said, and committed that he and his supporters would mix in the BJP like sugar in milk.

Subrat Thayal