Israel relieves restrictions on Gaza border after truce

Gaza Truce: November 24, 2012 – News n Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, on the issue of Israel for easing some restrictions for Gaza residents on Saturday and it is believed that the concessions have been welcomed. What type of restrictions Israel has granted to the people living in Palestinian territory?

Israel has eased some border restrictions as part of its truce with the Palestinian territory’s Hamas rulers; they have allowed farmers to visit land near its security fences and also allowed fishermen to head further out to sea.

The total fight of eight days of cross border had claimed around 166 Palestinian and 6 lives of Israelis.

Thirty-four children and minors under the age of 18 were among those reported killed in the fighting according to Gaza health officials and local human rights groups.

Further more,56 Palestinians were reported killed during the border clashes and 10 people also died of their serious injuries.

As per the peace agreement, Israel and Hamas are now to negotiate further easing of the Gaza border blockade, which was imposed by Israel and Egypt after the Hamas had taken over Gaza in 2007.

After 8 days fighting,tens of thousands of Gaza children are reported to have returned to school for the first time, it is assumed that around half of 1.6 million Gaza’s people are children.

The United Nations run around 245 schools over there.

Sixth grade Children shared the stories with their teachers in presence of Media, who visited a school in Gaza City.

They are happy that the dispute is over and peace has prevailed over there. Teachers and children are reported to be peaceful now, many of them could not have proper sleep at night due to rocket fires from Israel.

If we go to the background, the exchanges of fire were the deadliest between Israel and Hamas in four years, it involved many lives and injured a lot.

To my analytic view, if Israel had not launched non stop offensive attacks, the situation would not have been changed into an unexpected truce for which Egypt got the credit that it deserved.

The threat of ground invasion given by Israel was another factor that helped Egypt to make Hamas to agree to a truce. If Hamas remained adamant, the situation could take an unexpected turn.

Israel had already called back their reserve forces and that was certainly to escalate the region and that was a risky proposition which United Nations and United States wanted to avoid and they exerted their influence for truce.

National Integration Assembly (NIA) congrat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama, Ms. Hillary Clinton and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for their collective wisdom to get this truce with their indirect efforts.

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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

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