Obama likely to debate more forceful to prove his Working on 16 Oct, God’s Day


Obama likely to debate more forceful to prove his Working on 16 Oct, God's Day

US President Election 2012 – October 15, 2012 – News n Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, on the future attitude of President Barack Obama on his next debate to be held on 16 October, which is God’s Day; will he be reasonably aggressive with strong debate and indomitable will to overcome  Mr. Mitt Romney”s debating points? 

This debate between both the giants is to happen on 16 October which is God’s Day. It is such a good day when everybody is supposed to do one good deed or some charity on this day. Whosoever does one good deed on this day or some charity earlier than the other may win.

Mr. Obama is a strong believer of God and he has enough goodness in him, for him a good and forceful debate would be a befitting response to Mr. Mitt Romney, who has also the option open for him to do the same thing.

It is a battle of truth and untruth.  As and where Mr. Mitt Romney looks to be on the wrong side or depicts some untrue picture, Mr. Obama shall be within his right to be reasonably aggressive with a sole motto of serving the Americans with full sincerity and to defend the truth and factual figures if cleverly put to confuse him.

So far truth is there, there is no argument, truth is truth but if some unfair attack is imposed to confuse, Mr. Obama should always  take the side of the truth with sensible and rational approach of determination and even if he has to become vigorously or dynamically aggressive to prove the truth, there shall absolutely be no harm.

So far the circumstances and new developmengs show, Mr. Barack Obama has understood what he is to do, he made clear during this weekend that he may not mind being realistically aggressive where the situation arises.

I am now sure that Mr. Barack Obama will be more aggressive during  the final debate with Mr. Mitt Romney and this time, I am sure, his approach may be novel, never seen before by the Americans, he should not allow any untrue picture that may confuse him.

Mr. Obama should make it clear that there is world of difference between criticizing and practical working.  When one is to do anything within the framework of circumstances, then only the difference can be realized. Mr. Barack Obama as one time US President can assess the situation, he should stand bravely and on 16th October which is God’s Day, shall most certainly brighten his mind and that may surely take him to the winning gate.

Make sure Mr. Mitt Romney would try to attack from different angles from women’s issue to Tax Plan and much more. Mr. Obama should get ready with no sense of confusion, and if God’s willing, the victory may come to him to serve the American nation once again.

The Senior campaign adviser of Mr. Obama said to Fox News Sunday:  “I think he’s going to be aggressive in making the case for his view of where we should go as a country.”

Axelrod argued that Republican Vice Presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan failed during a Sept. 30 appearance on Fox, then during his debate last week to detail how Romney would pay for his $5 trillion tax plan.  Axelrod further said: “So, we’re going to give Governor Romney another chance on Tuesday to try and square this impossible circle.”

He further said about Mr. Obama’s plan could be more aggressive.  ”He is a great salesman,” Axelrod said. “That is what he did as a professional; he is very good at it.”

Republican Sen. Rob Portman, who has played Obama during Romney’s debate rehearsals is reported to have said that Sunday expects the president to “come out swinging.”

On the other side Campaign Adviser Ed Gillespie of Mr. Mitt Romney gave a strong sense of confidence that  Mr. Romney would tackle  the expected attack by doing what he did in the first debate.

The campaigning side of Mr.Romney and his general supporters hold a view that Mr. Obama is banking only on a highly-negative” ad campaign.

He’s going to talk about his agenda,” Gillespie said on Fox. “He’s going to talk about his policies. Whatever political tactic the president settles on as being in his best interest for the debate, he can’t change his record and can’t change his policies.”

I also agree with Gillespie on this point,  there is no question of changing the polices or altering the record, the best services which Mr. Barack Obama has rendered to the American people as US President and the outstanding contribution that he  has made for the world peace under the most tough situation is most admirable, which I hope the wise and intelligent American would remember and give another chance to Mr. Obama for the benefit of the whole nation, failing which time alone can give the answer.

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