Mitt Romney gained briefly, Obama may get the 2nd Term!

US President Election 2012 – October 5, 2012, News n Analysis by Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist on the issue of how far Mr Mitt Romney is confident of reaching the White House to decide the destiny of the American people after becoming President of the United States? What’s the probable margin of popularity of both? Who may win?

There is no doubt that Mr.Mitt Romney got an upper hand over President Barack Obama during the Presidential face to face debate. It was a great day for Mr. Romney, his status, his hope and finally his confidence that he would ultimately win and in his jubilant mode, he said: Victory the November 6 polls are in sight and with the support of the people he is going to get it.”

“Victory is in sight, and with your help, we’ll get there,” perhaps Mr. Romney wrote this message in his e-mail asking for liberal donations to raise funds for his last leg of campaigning.

Thanking supporters for their backing throughout the campaign, Romney said that the debate in Denver was a great opportunity for the American people to see two very different visions for the country.

No doubt Mr. Romney’s speech was aggressive and Mr. Obama could not prove up to the mark and the people never expected, however, he avoided to reply on certain points deliberately.

Now if I talk of Mr. Obama, there is one opinion of his nature and the wise men who can read his mind and character can vouch for Mr. Barack Obama that he is the best in speech when alone and not in debate . Over and above he does not like to speak on a topic without proper information, background and data and whenever he doesn’t have the proper figure to prove, he avoids till he gets the complete data.

Mr. Obama is such a bold person who can confess as to why the problem remained unsolved or why it couldn’t be finished?

The people have heard Mr. Obama speaking frequently and regularly, know his geniuses, experiences, statesmanship, pleading and high strategies of tackling the most difficult task of his country and he undoubtedly lifted the national status higher than expected within such a short time. He is the person who got Osama bin Laden captured and put his story to an end.

In fact, President Obama had all the wish to try Osama bin Laden in a federal court had the UN Navy SEALS managed to capture him from his hideout in Pakistan, still whatever he did, no American can ignore this remarkable feat that Mr. Obama exhibited by taking such a bold and successful step.

In addition he is the only President who can tackle Iran Nuclear Program pending with the United Nations, and so far he is there and gets the 2nd term, the position of United States shall most certainly be stronger than ever before and the scope of war between Israel and Iran may also come to normalcy.

Though Mr. Obama shall undoubtedly give the fittest reply to Mr. Romney in future campaign and so much so he has already started today while addressing a gathering of around 12000 people that Mr. Romney’s statement was based on untruthfulness.”

It is in the interest of the American, its people, the whole world that Obama should become the President for the 2nd term and uplift the nation out of various problems and serve the world with his policy of International Peace.

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Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist

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