Bharat Bandh announced by NDA on September 20


Bharat Bandh on Sept. 16

Showing its discontent against central government’s decision to hike price in diesel, LPG and allowing FDI in multi-brand retail, BJP led NDA has called for a country-wide protest on September 20. Announcing the bandh, BJP leader LK Advani said, “NDA on Sep 15 decided to hold a nation-wide strike on 20th of this month. I am sure that the suffocation felt by the people for a long time is about to come to an end.”

Alongside Sushma Swaraj and other senior leaders at the press conference, Advani said, “it would be prudent and wise for the government itself to decide that they do not wait till 2014 for the people to give their opinion about the UPA government. Let them call for an early election. Let the people make a decision.” He further went to say that its time government should start rethinking of all its actions. “If they are able to do that on their own by giving resignation– the Lok Sabha elections are also due shortly – I think it will be fine.”

Advani then expressed his anger by saying that no political party was consulted before announcing these decisions. “They have not consulted any political party and Chief Minister and have announced this suddenly. This is something which the country is not going to take lying down. This is the betrayal of Parliament, people and thousands of traders in the country,” Advani alleged.

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Subrat Thayal