Anupam Kher opens acting school in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, March 01, 2007 -  A new feather was added to the cap of City Beautiful when renowned actor Anupam Kher and the Chandigarh Administration entered into an agreement for setting up and running a premier Acting Institute in Chandigarh. The name of the Institute would be Chandigarh Acting Institute (CAI).  

Society for Tourism and Entertainment Promotion in Chandigarh(STEPS) under the aegis of the Chandigarh Administration and Actor Prepares(AP), an organisation set up by Anupam Kher, signed an MoU here on Wednesday. The agreement was signed between Anupam Kher and the CEO of STEPS from the Chandigarh Administration.
The Chandigarh Administration has been promoting Chandigarh city and neighbouring areas as a destination for film making. It has been felt that there is a need for quality training of the youth here in this field so that their talent can be utilised by the TV and the Film Industry. Yash Chopra, Chairman, Chandigarh Advisory Tourism Forum (CTAF) had suggested that such an institute may be set up in Chandigarh at the earliest. Anupam Kher has already set up such an institute at Mumbai and has a vast experience in acting and in training actors.
The Institute will be located at the premises of the Central Crafts Institute, Sector 11, Chandigarh and utilise the vacant and unutilised space. Acting course will be of one year and six months duration and likely to start from May 1, this year. Interviews and auditions are likely to be held in the first week of April.
The course will have semester system and two breaks for holidays in between the semesters. The fee structure would be mutually decided from time to time by STEPS and AP, keeping in view prevailing trends. Up to 15 per cent of the students of CAI would be given fee concession, if they are from economically weaker sections.

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