Samsung Galaxy S3 with price tag of rupee 38000 in India

Samsung-Galaxy-S3Samsung Galaxy S3 is about to hit the Indian market in the first week of June and in all probablity, you are already contemplating as to whether you should buy one and if so then what is the size of the hole that’ll be burnt in your pocket? The expected price range of Samsung Galaxy S3 in India is Rs33000 to Rs38000 which is quite substantial as compared to other smart phones in this category such as Motorola Droid razzr maxx (Rs28000), HTC One X (Rs35449), Sony Experia S (Rs30000) and Nokia Lumia 900 (Rs31500). And even if you do succumb to its seductive charm, then the question is, is it actually worth its mettle?

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Quite frankly Galaxy S3 is the most tempting andriod smart phone yet, thanks to its Exynos quad 4 processor and 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen (which is the biggest screen size for a smart phone yet). The most striking feature of Galaxy S3 is its 4 quad core chip clocked at 1.4 GHz which is fastest till date. There no doubt in this that the Exynos quad 4 processor lets you multitask at an unimaginable speed. Apart from the 8 mega-pixel camera Samsung has included S- voice feature in S3 which takes it to whole new level. S- voice lets you make a call,it lets you take a photo of you, or lets you send a message and much more at voice commands.

But the fact still remains that Samsung S3 is dearer as compared to the other phones in it’s league. Still the phone has been pre-ordered by more than 100 global carriers, who expect to sell at least 9 million devices at the launch which just goes on to show that for a phone like Samsung Galaxy S3 which has exceptional speed and crazy features… the price is the last thing which matters.

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Subrat Thayal