Live Streaming as Aamir Khan show Satyamev Jayate goes on Star Plus

Aamir Khan On Sunday, May 6 2012 Star Plus and even DD, Doordarshan, will be the place, where not just people from India will be trying to get the live action but also Aamir fans from across the globe would be looking to watch the live streaming of Aamir Khan and his show Satyamev Jayate. For sure Aamir Khan is certainly the best creative thinker in Bollywood, particularly when it has got to do something with selecting the true film and figuring out schemes. He has demonstrated it yet again in his TV launching of Satyamev Jayate.  Irrespective of whether it is the content, the title, or even the time slot it goes without saying that Aamir Khan has very cautiously planned each and every step so that success its ensured not only to him but to his soap Satyamev Jayate. By taking a firm stand on the title he has purposely given a patriotic feeling to the show.

The show will be based on common man rather than on any fiction. The show will most likely be a talk show where a variety of topics like politics, child labour, health care etc will be discussed. It also looks that Aamir will be meeting the common man and will be discussing all the problems etc of the downtrodden people. What he proposes to do after that will have to wait and watch. A lot of topics will be selected and discussions on these topics will be based on the different problems facing the country as of now.



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Subrat Thayal