Sonakshi Sinha gets Hotter in Dabangg 2

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha is the only actress in the Bollywood, who is repeated for a sequel, Dabangg 2. Till date it has been seen that only male leads are carried forward while their counterparts are always different. Therefore, the credit goes to Sonakshi for changing the trend in the industry. Therefore, Mrs Rajjo Pandey remains same for Dabangg 2 and in the movie she is playing the role of a mother to one son.

But that does not take away the right of looking beautiful and sexy from Rajjo. And that is confirmed by Mr. Khan who is full of praises for her co-actresses. Salman Khan confessed, “In the first part she was somewhat inhibited. But in Dabangg 2, she is killing it. After films like Rowdy Rathore and Dabangg 2, Sonakshi Sinha is on a different level altogether”. Sonakshi Sinha has not only shed off all those extra kilos but is also looking way too hot in comparison to her previous movie.
Well, that is way too a big compliment for a newcomer and we don’t think that Sonakshi has anything to lose. After all, when Salman Khan praises someone he only does it from the bottom of his heart.

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