MMS: Abhishek Singhvi caught on cam having sex with lady lawyer in court chamber room

The Indian politicians are making a strange example of the Indian polity. Even as enquiries are surfacing over the Karnataka porngate scandal and the Maderna murder case in Rajasthan, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi has been caught on tape having sex with another lawyer in what looks like a court chamber room. Even though the video quality is very poor, it is very obvious that the featured person is Singhvi who is having consensual sex with another adult. The Congress Party, on the other hand, has not taken this matter lightly. News has just poured in that the misconduct has cost Singhvi the various positions that he held in the Party.

The politician has tendered in resignation as the spokesperson of the party and as chairperson of standing committee on law and justice. He clarified that he did so ‘to prevent even the slightest possible Parliamentary disruption regarding the CDs circulated’ about him. Well, he sure says that he is a ‘disciplined party soldier’. The video which was recorded by his former driver has been in circulation over the internet for the past 10 days. Meanwhile, BJP on its part has mentioned that they will raise the issue in Parliament as well. Singhvi is still belligerent on his part stating that he is a ‘disciplined party soldier and he did not think it fit to subject the party to any inconvenience’ on this issue. Well, for starters, with such a horny set of politicians spread across various parties, the inconvenience is to the nation which has to face these shames again and again in front of the world audience.

This video of Abhishek Manu Singhvi having some hot s*x with lady lawyer is a hit on you tube

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